Futuristic. Holographic. Megawatt Color. Iridescent pearl finish. Cooling sensation.

14 Exclusive Shades at all MAC counters!

Price: $21.00




1. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect with Vino lip liner

2. Sensory Overload with Nightmoth lip liner to create a smoky ombre lip

3. Space Bubble with Burgundy Lip Liner

4. Let’s Rock with Bittersweet Lip Liner

5. Gilded Age with Chestnut Lip Liner

6. Queen’s Violet with Cyber World Lip Liner

7. Lunar Module with Galaxy Grey Lip Liner

8. Twinkle Twink with Habanero Lip Liner

9. Electric Rainbow with Fruit Cocktail Lip Liner

10. Broken Halo with Plum Lip Liner

11. Pink Trip with Magenta Lip Liner

12. Florescence with Chickory Lip Liner

13. Pearly Girl with Beet Lip Liner

14. Rave Bunny with Hip ‘N’ Happy Lip liner

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